• $5 from this purchase + another $5 that will be matched by Diamond Willow Advisory will go to the Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter. 


    When you feel like quitting, remember why you started. Many of us started on a journey long ago with a specific purpose or passion. "Remember why you started" is a mantra that allows us the opportunity to reflect and bring us back to "why."  


    Diamond Willow Advisory offers over 40 years of combined finance experience to entrepreneurs and small/medium sized business owners.  The core of their business is securing debt capital for their clients, managing and expediting the process with the highest level of professionalism.




    Art by : Sarah Milne, Soar Creative


    printed by hand in Calgary, Alberta



    52% Cotton/48% Polyester

    see size chart in photos for reference.


    DIAMOND WILLOW ADVISORY - Unisex Style styles