• KAVE Canadian Apparel was founded October 19, 2019 in Calgary, Alberta. Recognizing the ever growing number of people in need of guidance in mental health, we saw the importance to stand together, to educate, teach and start the conversation how we can help eachother on our lowest days. Our mission is to help people of masculine identities, but KAVE will always be a resource for people of all ages, races, genders, non-genders and personalities.  Every day people just like you go about their daily activities, but we never know just what is going on in someone elses mind.  To provide help and resources for people who are affected by mental health, it is our initiative, which means that 5% of our profits go to Canadian mental health associations. Locally, we currently donate to the Calgary Counselling Centre.  Your support is not only appreciated, but needed. DISCOVER YOU is our company motto, which means taking the time to find balance, peace, happiness and challenges that help you grow.


    Shirt is printed by hand in Calgary, Alberta

    100% Cotton, pre-shrunk

    Modern slim fit, see size chart in photos for reference.


    Art by: Jordan Salahub