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How to prepare
a print ready 
art file

There are no artwork fees for files sent in production ready condition. We will always let you know if your art requires adjustments and we will not charge art fees without prior notice.

If you have questions regarding whether your art is production ready, you can review the reference sheet below or email your art file to



Design Projects: Lead time for design projects are subject to our availability and current workload. Each project will be assessed and quoted on an individual basis based on the scope of work required. At Matte Black we believe that quality design should be accessible to everyone and are happy to work with you to plan your next project within your desired budget.


Product Decoration: Although we try our best to work within our standard lead times, they may vary based on our workload and current availability of products. If you require products by a certain date, please ensure that we know up front and ensure that blank products are available.


Screen Printing/Vinyl: 7-10 days


5-6 business days: +30% (plus additional shipping costs if applicable)

3-4 business days: +40% (plus additional shipping costs if applicable)

2 business days: +50% (plus additional shipping costs if applicable)

1 business days: +100% (plus additional shipping costs if applicable)


Embroidery/DTG: 14-20 days


*** Product lead times are calculated based on the date that all approvals are completed and the deposit has been paid. Orders with customer supplied goods are calculated from the date that all goods are also received in our warehouse. Adjustments made to orders in progress will cause them to be assigned a new date in the production schedule.


Nobody likes hidden charges so we believe in letting you know all of the product costs up front so that you’re not surprised when you get your bill. Here is all of the lingo we use as well as an explanation of what you’re paying for.


UNDERLAY: Most printing inks are not 100% opaque so when you’re looking for bright, solid ink colours on dark fabric, you’d first need to print a layer of white under your colours. When this is the type of print you’re looking for, you’ll need to estimate an extra colour into your budget. 


DYE BLOCKER: Screenprints are cured at a high temperature but unfortunately, exposing a polyester garment to high heat will cause dye to be released into your ink which may eventually cause your bright ink colour to change colour (think white ink turning pink on a red garment). In some cases we may be able to use low cure ink to avoid the issue but we will not guarantee your print against bleeding if you choose to forgo the blocker. If you do add the blocker, you can expect an additional screen charge (eg. 1 colour design + a dye blocker = 2 colour pricing).



Some items take additional time to load and print which results in significantly reduced production speed for our printers. We charge an additional fee for these specific items in order to avoid raising all of our pricing for standard printing. 



Sleeves: $1.00/unit

Pockets: $0.50/unit

Across Seams: $2.00/unit



Metallic Ink: $0.25/unit

Stretch Ink: $1.00/unit

Nylon jackets: $1.00/unit

Discharge Ink: $1.00/unit (minimum of 24 pieces)



Minimum charge for design or consulting services : $75 initial charge ($75/hr billed by the .25 hr thereafter)



All of our pricing is based on a minimum of 12 pieces per design. 

Because we're often required to adjust our inks and dryer settings for each garment type, we require all orders to adhere to these units or they will be subject to the below charges to compensate for the lost production time.

Minimum screenprint charges: 

1 colour design: $60

2 colour: $95

3 colour: $120

For additional colours please colours please contact as we may suggest another method such as DTG or vinyl.



Digital proofs are the standard practice for production approval in the screen printing industry. We will provide one digital proof of your product with artwork details (size, colour, etc)  and will include one round of revisions. If there are additional revisions not the result of an error by our designer, a charge of $15 for each additional proof will be added to your final invoice. It is the responsibility of the customer to carefully review the proof and advise in a timely manner. Please note that delays in proof approval may cause additional delays to production lead time. 



Pre-production samples are a production quality garment where you can review the final look and feel of your production and is the best option for photoshoots and salesman samples.

We are able to provide these samples prior to running complete production but because this entails setting up your production an additional time, there is an additional minimum shop charge of $75 plus the cost of screens. The value of the screens will be credited from your production run if the final order is placed within 10 business days of the pre-production sample. Payment terms for pre-production samples are 100% pre-paid. 



A press check is a physical review of your product on the printing press in the moments before we’re about to run your complete production. They’re a good option if you’re unsure of your colour ink choices and would like to see your product without losing your production spot.

If you require a press check we will advise you of a 30 minute window where you can visit the studio and review the art. If the customer has requested a press check and is a no-show for the appointment the job will be removed from the press and charged as a pre-production sample run. We typically run press checks at the beginning and end of our business hours to be most convenient for everyone. The cost of a press check is $25. If ink colour changes or screen re-burns are required, all applicable fees will added to your final invoice. 



All orders are paid as an 80% deposit and 20% balance due COD upon completion. The deposit must be paid before we will issue a position for your order in our production schedule. You may apply for 30 day terms if your annual total on printing (not including blank garments) exceeds $5000. 


Orders may be cancelled granted that items have not been printed/decorated in any way. If we are able to cancel your order, you will be refunded your deposit minus the following charges:

  • 40% garment restocking fee on blank garments

  • Any cost of shipping to return the items to the distributor

  • Any fees for screens already prepared





We can print on customer supplied goods but all printing comes with the occasional spoilage at a rate of 3% and we will not be held responsible for any product damages that may occur in the production process. 


In order to keep printing prices affordable and avoid any unexpected production issues, we prefer to supply the blank garments. This is not always possible so we can print customer supplied goods over 48 units per style/design.



These are costs that we normally incur and absorb into the pricing when when we source and supply garments for printing. When customers supply their own garments we're unable to absorb costs like additional adhesives and ink additives, or pay our staff to receive and inspect goods.


Handling fee (all customer supplied garments):

+$1.50/unit per print location


Fleece, tri-blend, or athletic garments requiring special care:

+ $.50/unit unit per location



+ $.50/unit


*** Customer supplied goods must be delivered in the following format or will be subject to an additional charge of $75/hr (minimum .5 hr). Goods not delivered in good condition may result in a delay in production time.

-Sorted by size/style and neatly folded in half in bundles of 6-12 pieces

-Labelled clearly with each design name, colour, etc

-Accompanied by a PO or written documentation about art details

-Please do not individually fold garments


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